High Converting Product Descriptions and Ad Copy using AI

Hey, Jakub here, and we’re excited to announce our new feature called ‘Smart Copy Suggestions’ that will help you test products faster and sell more straight out of the box.

By using the new AI advancements with AI copywriting and blog writing technologies, and applying it to product description and ad copy writing, we are able to create product description and ad copy suggestions optimised to convert and in perfect English for to use when testing your product.

Whether you’re an Amazon FBA seller, a dropshipper, or an agency testing a high volume of products, this feature will help you tremendously.

This feature has two main benefits:

  1. Speed up your product research by having a description and caption ready to use out of the box or as inspiration.
  2. Remove language and experience barriers for our sellers by giving you a product description and ad caption optimised to convert and written in perfect English.

We generate three product descriptions and three ad copies for all products added to Ecom Pilot; that’s right, you have access to 1,800,000 product descriptions and copies at your finger tips!

How is this possible?

We’ve trained our Machine Learning models on 40 million + product descriptions from Amazon, Walmart, Facebook adverts and TikTok captions, as well as worked hand in hand with marketing and copywriting experts to generate suggestions for you that are optimised to help convert. You’ll notice our model often understands the product and the use case of it, following the AIDA framework and listing strengths as well as pain points the product solves.

You can copy and use the ad copy and descriptions straight out of the box, or use them as inspiration to begin writing your own. Whether you’re testing a lot of products at once, or looking to grow organically on TikTok in 2022 and you’re not sure how to describe your product persuasively, this feature on Ecom Pilot has you covered.

By Jakub Lenski