Redefine product research by enabling all sellers worldwide to discover and validate products in less time and more affordably.

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As dropshippers and Amazon sellers ourselves we know that success in e-commerce starts by selling the right products and basing your research on real data, not guesswork.


We provide all the real data and tools you need to discover, track validate products in one platform, as well as compare suppliers and agents from around the world.


We are building a multi-marketplace product discovery and validation platform for online sellers. Whether you’re an Amazon seller, a dropshipper, or just looking to add new products to your stores, Ecom Pilot is the perfect platform for finding in-demand profitable products from suppliers first.

Jakub as the TEDx speaker

Our founder Jakub started by selling on Amazon in 2018, expanding to five different product listings and two dropshipping stores by the end of 2020. It was during the pandemic and the impact it had on his B2B products that he put his Software Engineering skills into refining product research for himself where he created the first iteration of Ecom Pilot.

After using Ecom Pilot to be one of the first sellers to sell remote working equipment during the pandemic, speaking with other sellers he realised the large demand for a tool like this. There was a huge gap in the market where current product research consisted of YouTube videos or websites that suggested a product picked by a supposed ‘expert’, where in comparison Ecom Pilot worked by utilising large amounts of data collected on thousands of products so that product sourcing decisions were based on facts.

Jakub Lenski

"I don’t believe in guessing if a product will sell which is why we give you real demand data by tracking thousands of products so you can see how they are really performing."

Jakub Lenski - CEO and Founder of Ecom Pilot

Ecom Pilot backed by Pareto Holdings and Cory Levy

A year and a half later, Ecom Pilot is now a team of people and is backed by the Shutterstock Billionaire Jon Oringer (Pareto Holding), serial entrepreneurs Ed Lando and Cory Levy to support us in building the best product discovery and validation tools for online sellers, regardless of the platform they sell on. (link to article if interested in reading)

We are now well on our way to achieving our mission
Democratise e-commerce by helping sellers worldwide discover and validate products regardless of experience, location, language, selling platform or starting capital.

Ecom Pilot 1.0 and 2.0 have been able to help hundreds of sellers find profitable products worldwide, and we are only just starting!

Jakub as the TEDx speaker

For too long e-commerce has been full of guesstimates, supposed winning products, and experts pushing their courses onto sellers, which we’re looking to change:

Forget tools with a hundred different panels and views, we focus on simplicity and use, so all you need is Ecom Pilot Finder and Ecom Pilot tracker.

Forget 'expert' picked products or guestimates on how much profit you'll make, we give you real demand data so you can see how products are really performing.

We also don't believe in guessing what we should build, we prefer to listen and engage with our users to find out how our next features can best help you. Whether you want more marketplace integrations, one click product imports, supplier information, or private suppliers to source high quality products from, we listen to you.

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