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Ecom Pilot Affiliates

Earn money and help other sellers succeed with product research by helping them discover Ecom Pilot.

Join us and spread the word about Ecom Pilot – the last tool you’ll need for product discovery and validation that delivers real results. Help others become a profitable seller and earn 30% of every subscription you bring at the same time.

It’s that easy!

Start earning in 3 simple steps

1. Join the program by clicking on the “Become an Affiliate” button. We have partnered with Rewardful to make it easy for you to create your unique referral link!

2. Share your unique referral link on social media with your friends and followers to get them to sign up. Track your referrals easily through the Rewardful dashboard.

3. Get rewarded 30% of every paid subscriber you bring every month!

You can earn up to $350 a year per user you bring.

Got a question?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I track how much I earn?

We’ve partnered with to make it very easy for you to track how many referrals you’ve made through their dashboard, and to make it easy to receive your pay outs!

We’ve so far processed more than $40,000+ for our affiliates since rolling out the programme, and are only getting started!

I'm interested in a partnership?

If you’re a large content creator, or perhaps a complementary service looking to help e-commerce sellers in other aspects of their journey and would like to partner with us to help them succeed, then you’re in the right place!

Please reach out to regarding any partnership enquires and we’ll look to take it from there.

Do you have any marketing assets I could share?

Yes – we have both video and image assets that we can share with you upon request. We’re also happy to help you record any video you may be interested in creating surrounding our tools and how we can help your followers and sellers find the right products to succeed. Please reach out to and make sure to mention what type of assets you’d like and what platforms you’re looking to share us on so we can help you best.

My question is not listed on here?

Please reach out to or use our website live chat and we’ll look to answer any of your questions!